Finding the best farm/pool staking platforms?

May 2021
How do you find the new and best farm/pool staking platforms, and is it different for each network? Trying to focus more on MATIC but any high APR, decent reliability ones I am searching for constantly like most people I assume.... So you know how you search for ICO's in icodrops etc., is there something similar for staking?


Site Admin
Apr 2017
For most cryptos, check out Staking Rewards, as it shows you most available staking options for each coin. It elaborates on how easy it is to stake a particular coin, and there is a staking calculator for computing the amount of reward you should get.

Another place is to look at staking pools, setup by the team behind the coin. For example, most coins in the BNB ecosystem have good staking opportunities on Pancake Swap. But there are several staking sites, each with different rates and options for different coins. Just make sure you trust the staking site!

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