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Apr 2017
This is a how to guide for sending Ripple (XRP) from Poloniex to Rippex. I'm writing this guide for those who are very new to cryptocurrency, and I will take the time to expand on each step that is happening throughout the process.

Rippex is a desktop wallet solution allowing you to maintain your own Ripple wallet. You can install Rippex on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Download here, and install.
  • Make sure you're in a safe place, where somebody cannot see your display.
  • Make sure you're in an environment where somebody is not using a camera to view your display.
  • Rippex is only as secure as your computer is. Make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware software are updated.
Step 1 - Create New Rippex Account

After you've installed Rippex, open the Ripple Wallet application, and choose 'Create New Account'.


From here, choose 'Create an empty account' and the application will ask you where to store/save your "wallet" file. You can accept the default location or choose where you want to save this account file.


Rippex will now ask you to encrypt your wallet account file with a password. Use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Protect and safeguard this password in a safe place. After you've verified your password, choose 'Encrypt account'.


Of all these steps, this is the most important. Rippex will display your password, Ripple wallet address, and your Secret Key. This Secret Key needs to be stored somewhere private and safe, because access to this key provides full access to your Ripple wallet.

If you lose access to your computer, you can still access your Ripple wallet as long as you still have access to your Secret Key. Again, it's very important that you save this information, and make sure it's protected and safeguarded.


After you've saved your Secret Key, confirm by choosing the 'Yes, I saved my secret key' button and your Ripple desktop wallet is setup and ready to go.

Step 2 - Deposit XRP to your Rippex Account

2.1 - Activate your Ripple Wallet

Your newly created Ripple wallet doesn't become active until you've sent a minimum of 20 XRP to your wallet address. Ripple requires this 20 XRP to reserve your wallet address, and this is a one time requirement.

2.2 - Deposit XRP to your Ripple Wallet

Sending XRP from one Ripple wallet to another Ripple wallet is super easy, however there is absolutely zero room for error. I cannot stress this enough.

Of equal importance, make sure the wallets you're sending/receiving XRP are both associated with Ripple (XRP). You can only send XRP to a Ripple wallet. Again, there is no room for error here.

From one Ripple account, you're sending XRP or making a withdrawal. From the other Ripple account, you're receiving XRP or making a deposit. Those Ripple accounts are identified by unique wallet addresses, which is a long series of alpha-numeric characters. Your Ripple wallet address must be 100% correct, otherwise you've lost the XRP you're trying to send.

If you prefer, feel free to send a small amount at first to see the transaction go through successfully, and follow it with a larger amount once you feel comfortable. There's a very small fee charged every time you send XRP, but it's incredibly small.

To receive Ripple to your Rippex wallet, you're going to need the wallet address to send it to. You'll see your wallet address displayed in the upper right, and clicking on it will automatically copy it, so it's ready to paste.

2.3 - Sending XRP from Poloniex to Rippex

Login to your Poloniex account to send XRP to your Ripple wallet address. Within Poloniex, go to your Deposits & Withdrawals page, where you'll see a list of your wallets and positions. To send Ripple, go to your XRP (Ripple) wallet and click Withdraw, which will expand allowing you to send Ripple.

For the Address field, enter your Gatehub Ripple wallet address. Leave the 'Destination Tag' empty. For the amount, choose how much Ripple you want to send from your Poloniex wallet to your Rippex wallet.

Verify the Rippex wallet address is 100% correct, and click Withdraw. Poloniex will ask for your 2 Factor Authentication and verify the withdrawal via email to complete the transaction. Poloniex will charge a very small fee to send the Ripple.


You can see the status of your withdrawal by going to your Withdrawal History page. If you do not have 2 Factor Authentication and Email Verification enabled, Poloniex may review the withdrawal transaction and create a Poloniex support ticket to have you manually verify, therefore I recommend setting these things up so withdrawals from Poloniex complete within minutes.

Step 3 - Viewing your Rippex Account

Rippex does not need an Internet connection to be installed. It does require an Internet connection to access Ripple's servers to view your Ripple wallet on the Overview page.

When you first install Rippex, the settings are automatically defaulted to offline mode. To bring Rippex online, click the gear icon in the upper right and go to the Settings page. Choose the 'Network Settings' in the left column and check the box for Online mode.


Notice the Server settings on this same page, where it shows the Ripple's server addresses. The application will be required to access these servers to interact with Ripple's network. If you have a firewall or anti-virus software blocking network access, I would recommend whitelisting * to allow access to Ripple's servers.

Once your XRP has been sent to your wallet address, it's automatically been added to your wallet. Rippex won't know this unless it's in Online mode. Assuming its online, Rippex will automatically alert you with a red notification in the upper right and your Balance page will automatically represent your newly deposited XRP.


To see your complete transaction history, go to the History tab. Here, you can see all XRP you've sent and received over any time period.


3.1 - Simple method for viewing your Ripple wallet

Here's a very simple way to view your XRP balance, without logging into your Rippex account. When you first load Rippex, choose the 'Cold Wallet' option and copy your Ripple wallet address and choose 'Open Account'. This will access the Ripple network and simply show you how much XRP is stored on your Ripple wallet address.


Alternatively, you can also copy/paste any Ripple address you have into this option, and Rippex will access the Ripple network to show you how much Ripple is being stored at this address. If you use your Gatehub wallet address, it should show you the same total amount of XRP that Gatehub shows. Warning about your Poloniex wallet address though, because exchange wallets only report the minimum 20 XRP requirement, because they are not part of the Ripple network and store XRP differently.

3.2 - Sending XRP from Rippex to another Ripple wallet

To send XRP from Rippex to Poloniex, Gatehub, or any Ripple wallet, open Rippex and go to the Send section.

For the 'Receipient' field, enter the Ripple wallet address that you want to send XRP to. Disregard the Destination Tag and Invoice ID. For the amount, input how much Ripple you want to withdraw/send from your Rippex wallet. Verify the wallet address is 100% correct, and click 'Send XRP'.


The Rippex application will charge a very small fee to send the Ripple. Within the application settings, under the Network Settings section, you can choose a Maximum network fee. The default is set to .20 XRP, and I changed this to .15 XRP, which is consistent with what Poloniex and Gatehub charge.


For questions, comments, feedback, or general thoughts, post up a reply within this thread, and I'll respond as I read them.

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