Oct 2021

Dear friends!

Welcome to the official Hashmart cloud mining community.

More and more users today are interested in the possibility of mining cryptocurrency.
Efficient mining, which depends on the value of bitcoins, allows you to make significant profits on a regular basis.

Cryptocurrency mining uses special expensive equipment, the purchase of which in most cases is inexpedient, because it involves significant one-time financial investments and the constant need to maintain equipment, organize the process of mining and pay for operating costs.

Cloud mining involves the use of leased capacities and remote equipment, and the user does not incur excessive costs. Servers, computers and software capacities are operated via remote access, the mining farm is located in the cloud, and all the additional work is rented.

Specialized cloud mining service Hashmart ( makes efficient earning available to every user, including beginners.

User benefits of the Hashmart cloud mining service

  • There is no need to spend a large amount of free financial resources to purchase special equipment;
  • Selection of software, selection of equipment, placement, configuration, repair, debugging and other processes associated with regular costs are the responsibility of the owner of the equipment, not the tenant;
  • The latest equipment is used to organize mining, which allows you to get guaranteed results in a short time;
  • Any user operations are implemented in a personal account with an elaborate interface and a convenient withdrawal system, so users of any level can easily interact with the system without assistance;
  • You can withdraw the earned money at any time, without additional overpayments and hidden fees, without commissions, and you can choose the most convenient way to withdrawal or exchange for fiat currency;
  • User chooses the terms of lease and work with Hashmart cloud mining independently, according to their own preferences and further plans. Users have several types of contracts available with different service costs and different open capacities;
  • Hashmart technical support is organized in such a way that every user can get answers to questions or urgent help when needed at a high qualification level.

The cloud mining system presented by the Hashmart service is highly reliable, which allows you to plan your investments and receive income on a regular basis without experiencing excessive financial expenses.
Two types of contracts are available to you: 12-month and open-ended. In the annual contract, the maintenance fee is included in the price, with capacity starting at $25.8 per 300 Gh/s. In an open-ended contract, the maintenance fee is $0.13 per Th/day. The cost of capacity starts at $49 per 500 Gh/s. You can choose between BTC and Ethereum. Ethereum contracts start at $55.81, and there will also be an automatic maintenance fee of $0.13 per Mh/month when you accrue income.

Additional benefits include an affiliate program. Within the program, the attracted person receives discounts and other bonuses with the beginning of active cooperation, the user strengthens his own position and gets the opportunity to increase the available profits based on the results of the mining processes.

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Oct 2021

Dear Customers!

In addition to Bitcoin mining contracts, the Hashmart platform now offers open-ended Ethereum mining contracts. Such contracts have all the properties and advantages of the previously described open-ended contracts, but all charges are made in ETH currency.

Ethereum is a fairly popular cryptocurrency with many supporters - so it is worth considering buying this type of contract.

The minimum amount required for buying hashing power is $55.81. This contract allows you to hire 1 Mh/s.

You are not bound to one contract. You are welcome to buy more contracts, at any time.

Stay with us for more information!

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