Hello ! Borocoin(BORO) CEO

Hello Everyone! I am Borocoin(BORO) CEO!

Borocoin is ERC-20 token.
Total supply : BORO

price for 1 BORO = 0.0000004 ETH

Exchange : ForkDelta

If you have over 1.000.000 BORO in your personal ETH wallet then you receive every month divident in Ethereum ( If you invest 0.5 ETH then it will be around 0.05-0.075 ETH)
1.000.000 BORO cost 0.4 ETH in presale and 0.5 ETH when sale started

If someone need more info just write Borocoin in Google !
In our Twitter : Borocoin you find all informations about BORO project !

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