Hello everybody

Hi everybody!
As you might assume, this is my entry post in this forum. I'm new in this crypto world that's why I googled so much about it. In the end, I found (among others) this forum and I felt like this could be the right forum for me to post and ask my questions. All the others were a little bit 'rough' (let's put it this way ;)). Maybe I can help others too when I become an expert. Until then, I'll be just here and ask my questions. I hope I'm not as annoying as I may seem now^^

To my person: I'm from Austria and currently finishing my Master's. I think that says it all ;) Please ask me, if you have any further questions!

Thanks & cheers!
Well yeah, since the topic is so big and so popular and there are unluckily many scammers. - and a very fast changing market - quite a few of these boards are filled with either angry or cynical people or sometime even fakers. Hard to really get into but it is worth not to get yourself creeped away from the crypto world. ;-) Just take it slowly and read all the papers you can get.

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