Hello everyone! New to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

hello! my name is Alex and I'm a 'freshman' at cryptocurrency and bitcoin etc. So I'm currently learning a lot like you might guess so I thought also to take a look at forums like cryptorum... do you have any tipps in general for a newbie? any good learning resources (videos, websites)? Would also love to meet other newbies :D thank you so much in advance! :)
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Hi all,
am new to this forum and cryptocurrency and I need every information and knowledge to get me started on how to do smart investment and begin to make money as you experts are already doing. I will appreciate any site, videos and tutorials that can be of help. Thanks
First rule of all, don't get too emotional, in neither direction, stay calm and cool-headed, never spend more than you can share, lool regularly at the markets but don't live by them, buy a bit of BTC but not more than you can afford, divest between several altcoins, famous ones but also some new entries. Just double-check that they are legit, by looking at the team behind a project, google them, check their white paper and then decide. Have fun!

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