Hello Everyone, we would like to share our new project

Hi everyone, We launched a new altcoin called Placeholders (PHL)

With a reasonable and affordable 0.75 USD price (it’s negotiable until further notice)

ICO NAME: Placeh.io
Website: PM for more info
Faucet: PM for more info
Coin Cap: 21 Million
Coin Supply: 408700.60569193 as of 2018-09-23
Consensus Algorythm: PoW (Proof of Work)
Blockchain Explorer URL:
Description: Open Source Fork of Bitcoin
Token name: Placeholders
Token symbol PHL
Token abbreviation: Þ
Used blockchain (Ethereum, Omni, building a new one, other): Bitcoin
How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects: Adding certain mutability to designated fieldsets in an otherwise immutable blockchain.
ICO Hard Cap: 21 Million
Price per token: 0.75 cents USD (Negotiable)
Associated Blockchain Platform: Bitcoin
ICO Category / Industry: Business / Research and Development
Token Type: Mineable / PoW / Coin
Does your ICO require KYC: No
Which countries cannot participate in the ICO: None
Max Supply: 21 Million
ICO Round:(Pre?Main? Pre,Main?)N/A
Start bonus: N/A
Location: North America / Canada
Accepted Payment Method: BTC, ETH
Are the Team Tokens locked/vested? No
When are token issued? As mined (Feb 11 2018)
What will be the Token Usage / Token Role? The token will enable holders to send secure containers or "artifacts" of data.
What role does blockchain technology play? The blockchain enables a record of the artifacts transit and revision history to be view-able and audit-able.
Token type: Utility token
Total Supply: 21 Million
Premine: Zero
Block Time: 10 Minutes
Coin Creation Process: PoW (+ PoS TBA)
Roadmap: {Coming maybe}
Circulating Supply: (~200K) See block explorer
TXfee per transactions? the user can choose how much they would like to set the fee at, the default fee is 0.01 PHL

Here’s a couple of reasons why you might want to consider holding our coin:
1) Low circulating supply
2) Zero premine - just started in april - still less than 1% of the total supply has been mined.
3) Bounty program
4) Unique functionality/project
5) Functioning block explorer, active miners
6) Low barrier to entry for "the little guy"
7) GPU / Asic resistant coin
8) Fast growing community of wallet holders.
9) Artifact loader is coming by December
10) Proven track record on reaching milestones and deliverables.
11) Coin launched in "Satoshies way" as opposed to a premine.
12) Version 2 coming in early 2019 with major upgrades.
13) Paper wallet solution
14) Mobile wallet (in development - unstable alpha already released)
15) Virtual box clustering scheduled for mid 2019
16) Passed the PoC stage
17) An early ground floor coin and that it is a high-risk coin but might have a huge upside
18) It’s not listed on any exchanges yet but it has an active community and developers on the project

Join us at our discord channel (PM for more info) for more details.
PLACEHOLDERS (PHL) UPDATE as of November 19, 2018:
Coin Cap: 10.5M
Presale: 0
Premine: 0
Circulating Supply: = Coin Supply: 2102122.40971885 as of Nov. 19, 2018
Proof of Work: Sha256
Difficulty Re-targeting: Dark Gravity Wave
ICO Hard Cap: Not applicable
Max Supply: 10.5M

Updated Bounty Program : (Contact us in discord for details):
1. 150 - 1000 PHL (negiotable) for anyone who hosts a full node of PHL (requires static IP).
2. 1K PHL for the first other person to host a block explorer for placeh
3. 10K PHL for anyone who hosts redundant copy of electrum server
4. A bounty of 150 - 500 PHL will be offered to the next 20 those who host a full node.


2) Zero premine - just started in april - still less than 1% of the total supply has been mined.
7) GPU / Asic resistant coin
9) Artifact loader is coming by December
12) Version 2 coming in early 2019 with major upgrades.

2) Zero premine - just started in april - still less than 20% of the total supply has been mined. 10+ Signed Artifacts
7) GPU / Plan to make Asic resistant coin
9) Thin Client Artifact Loader delivered in October. Thick Client Artifact Loader planned release early 2019
12) DONE, and done ahead of schedule.

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