Hello everyone!

Jul 2018
Hello! I have been using and buying bit coin for years. I have been building pc's since I've been 13 so I'm familiar computer hardware & electricity.

Though I am a noob to btc mining and due to a recent fortunate power situation I decided to jump right in and purchased a brand new Halong Dragonmint 16t with no psu included off ebay. Will this PSU work for my miner? (Also what do you suggest?)

Thoughts on buying used? Should I look at cheap s9 ant miners? Looking to build a small farm off "subsidized" electricity

Sorry to turn my introduction post into a question but it just shipped out and should be here in a couple days. I'm 29, I live in South Bend, IN and I love to smoke medical marijuana. I love America & go Cubs! Hope to meet some nice people and learn a lot and make some good money!
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Apr 2017
Hello and welcome to the cryptocurrency community, and happy to hear you're getting into mining!

When it comes to building PC's, there's nothing wrong with buying used, but I would have more hesitation for your mining rig. Components like power supplies should last for a long time, as long as they are in a proper clean/cool environment, which is unknowable when you're buying used. If there isn't much of a price difference to go new, I would recommend buying a new PSU so you have peace of mind.

The PSU you're asking about is 1600 watts, which is very powerful. You want to make sure you have enough power for the processors, graphics cards, etc. What are the tech specs of your mining rig?