Mar 2018
Hi community,

My name is Jan, i've been investing in the cryptospace since 2015. I am a real fan of blockchain technology, and love how many innovative decentralized solutions are coming out each month. Its amazing to think where the technology will take us in the next few years.

I'm doing my bit by working on a tool for browsing the Ethereum network and discovering/researching ERC20 tokens. I posted about it here if you're interested in learning more:

Im a fan of Ethereum and really like some of the dApps and tokens that are launched on its network. I also think Bitcoin still has a future, especially if Lightening and side-chains are successfully implemented. My favorite project int he space has to be Monero - its an incredibly powerful project that puts people in total control of their money. Iota is also something I am keeping an eye on, as I think the potential of DAGs is huge (no fees with fast transactions an highly scalable!).

Look forward to interacting with some of you soon!