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My team and I are currently creating a mobile application in Colombia (South America, no need to offend but we get confused with US’ Columbia) very similar tu Venmo. However, I want to integrate the blockchain technology into the app, to lower the transfer fees and increase the payment speed.
My team is currently thinking on partnering with a payment processor in Colombia called PSE to handle the payments. Payments are not extremely high, however, with PSE we will have to charge the user a 2% transaction fee for transferring money to their friends in order to offset PSE’s fees.
My dream is to lower this fee as much as possible (if not free as Venmo has it for its users) in order to disrupt Colombia’s absurd and grotesque market characterized for extremely high interbank fees.
I hope that the cryptoworld is the answer to this problem. I’ve been reading about the different coins and my thoughts are using Bitcoin for the transfers, at the moment, is not advisable as it is currently charging high fees and takes a while for confirmation. I read Ethereum or Stellar Lumens could be a good choice.
My idea was user will be transferring Colombian Pesos to their friends in the platform but the underlying currency that will be used to move those transactions will be Ethereum/Stellar Lumens/Other Crypto.
What do you guys think? Is this idea possible? If so, what should I do in order to make it a reality?
Hope you guys can helps us!
Sergio Consuegra

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