Hi! I want to start an ICO but First, check out our plan

Hello people, We are working on a project that might change the world but for that, we would like the support by starting ICO. But first please check out our plan for the project.

We will be building an Android app that works like:

People (nearby) can now connect each other by using this app, Here is how.
We will create an app that took user image and Details like (Name, Mobile no, Social linking, Job, Hobby, Speciality and a Description of yourself(with no less than 100 words).
Now the FUN part Begins Here... Whenever a new user(holding that app) walks or travels nearby by other user holding this app, Now new notification comes and then all the users nearby holding this app shown on a list with there verified pic only(nothing else, no details are shown right now),

Now if you want the detail of any person, to suppose user 'A' that is getting shown over the list with only it's pic now, user 'B' can pay Some of over Tokens to see it's detailed view and now the person whose details are getting shown (user 'A') will earn 90% tokens that spent by the user 'B' to see it's (user 'A') details, Get it?

-Now all the data of users will be stored over Blockchain. -All the images will be verified with face recognition from. -Mobile numbers will be verified with OTP

The motive is: -Users giving details to social media sites that are getting used figure out user's choice that profit their business but now the user is not getting anything 9By giving details)

-We will reward user with 90% of tokens when it shares it's detailed information with others' Not us(We won't be selling details instead of, we are getting 10% tokens that spent by user 'B' in (above example).

This benefits Connecting the world like never before.
Also, I was thinking if we use AR (Augment reality) to scan the face and get its details then we can easily solve lots of crimes (But that's a whole new store and new App generation(So think about it later but now only the above idea).

There are lot's of uses with this, But my idea and project will always stay Decentralized .. Please let me know if you have suggestions. I will be very thankful to you.

My last question:- Should we start ICO for this? We will be providing Whitepaper and Roadmap and all General Details.
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