Hi there fellow crypto enthusiasts

Well, I am Robin (Finrax) and I am currently with my team (company) developing a new cryptocurrency exchange. We'll launch our public beta the 30th of September 2018.

Hope to find a nice community here from which we as a exchange can learn.
Well, hello...may i ask, what are the strengths and the goals of your project and what are you doing differently than most other competitors? Not trying to be mean or putting any pressure on you, just asking cause the market got so big at this point and i am always interested on the thoughts of new entries how they would improve the existing supply.
Hello, I am happy to answer your questions :)

Our goals are improving the way an exchange works. Our team has a long experience in the Forex industry, which is a thoroughly developed market. As the crypto markets are rather new, we see certain issues that can be improved.

Our goals are to simplify the trading while still providing advanced options for more experienced traders. In order to reach this goal, we have designed a whole new trading platform from scratch. Everything is clear and easy to see and to find.

Our platform will be multi-lingual. Currently we have English, Dutch, German, French & Bulgarian. Shortly we'll expand with Spanish and Italian as well. Our support team can communicate in these languages if the trader wishes so.

The main problem now with crypto exchanges is the horrible support that is not provided. We solve this issue by having from the start a larger support team for ticketing and live chat. Once we see that the amount of traders grow, we will expand the support to be ahead of this.

For newbie traders it is quite a challenge to start trading, we solve this by providing an Education & Tutorial section. Here we'll write tutorials for all topics including videos. We also encourage new traders to contact our support team via live chat or ticket to ask for help and/explanation (we cannot give trading advise as to which token to buy/sell etc).

We offer the option to trade with USD & EUR. When a traders wishes to trade these currencies, we are unfortunately obliged to perform KYC & AML. We do not want to let customers wait for several days as you see now on other platforms. In order to solve this, we offer real-time automated verification. Once customer uploaded details and documents, the customer is verified or declined within a matter of seconds.

In order to enhance the security of the patform and customers funds/crypto assets: Customer's fiat funds will be held in segregated bank accounts thus completely separate from company's funds. As for the crypto assets, we have partnered with BitGo Enterprise as to provide the wallets and security protocols. Customers can withdraw up to 2 BTC or equivalent automatically and every withdrawal above that will be manually done. We are running algorithms to check and stop unusual behaviour. For instance, a traders is on average depositing & withdrawing 4 BTC. When there is a unusual withdrawal request, for like 6 or more BTC, the wallet will be frozen due to our detection system. We will check the device & IP the withdrawal request came from and if this matches the customers historical transactions. If we do not trust it, we will e-mail or call the customer to verify his request. Our goal is to do this within 2 hours from withdrawal.

We're highly interested in feed-back, positive or negative as ultimately, we need to learn from the traders and our customers as well.

I have attached some design images of our platform. Bear in mind that these are for design purposes only and thus the data etc is not relevant.


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