Hollo (my energy and cryptocurency thinking)

because I and my colleagues have conducted successful experiments that show that we do not need energy from burning gas and oil and we can be decentralized in using energy at home and industry, I had an idea to create a generator. which could be managed via the Internet and could be linked to coins

I plan to start up, but at this point I'm working on that. To create a presentation generator, to mediate the video. in which one could be convinced of the efficiency of the idea itself, I think about starting a dialogue among the international community about a possible model for the interaction of energy and conies
At this moment, I'm not an expert in business, I'm an enthusiast and work with enthusiasts. now at this point we have proved. that we can use rationally electric power and generate non-radiant energy. which exceeds the cost of its generation ... This is experimentally proved ...
Once I was walking in the center of Moscow, I needed to charge a mobile phone, I went to McDonald's, but they refused to charge me, because they did not have an automatic device for recharging the phones. I began to think that in Moscow and in any part of the world there are probably the same problems that it is difficult to charge the phone momentarily.

It is strange that in the whole world there are almost at every step gas stations with diesel fuel, gasoline ... but with electricity problems ....

Studying the situation with electric cars, it turns out that for today there is a mass of defenses because of what environmentally friendly cars on electric traction are not widely used
Companies that could install stations for charging batteries - this is a problem, like the battery itself ...
I began to ask the question: how could these issues be solved.
The first question could be solved if everywhere small business and any other could take part in the formation of a system of charging cars with electricity and not one
Stimulation of the process could be carried out if the process of monetization could occur in the process of electricity sales ...
If such a process could be implemented, how could this be done?
If we consider this process. then I have a reason - it's a crypto currency.
Blocking technology could stimulate the implementation process for those in need of electricity and energy through that person. which accepts payment, as an option, could populate a public purse in which tokens begin to grow in price. The tokens - as the element of electronic investment in this industry.
Accordingly, there can be two stimulating commercial ways - this is the way of selling the available electrical or other energy in the form of coins. and the second - tokens, their acquisition and trade and investment on the stock exchange.
Theoretically, the general picture is clear and it is theoretically solvable, but most people will have the question: how can you get available energy?
Here there is a non-uniform question.
The lion's share of energy-generating companies produce energy through the use of radioactive elements, the burning of hydrocarbon fuels
This pollutes our Planet Earth. Therefore, I and my colleagues will spend a lot of time to sort things out. how it would be possible to apply technologies that would be able to give an opportunity to generate energy in any conditions and they could be accessible to every person.
we set the task of obtaining clean energy. which contributed to that. so that our planet could be called a green planet, without poisoning it with harmful emissions.
We began to search for such technical solutions and some solutions were found. These decisions are related to the technologies of Nikola Tesla, which were held back, as Tesla's investors were those people. who aspired to absolute power, monoplies to the financial structure, energy and industry as a whole.

Probably it is not unknown that the investor of Tesla was Morgan, who not only in collusion with bankers of the beginning of the 20th century, gave his interests to the US state reserve but also monopolized the energy and industrial sectors
World wars that were initiated by world imperialism were created only in order to introduce a currency that this imperialism could speculate on, since the monopoly of a printing press controlling a money-lender was its main goal.
Today we live in a curious time, today we have the Internet and in our pocket we carry a device that is a mini-computer that is more powerful than computers. which had space organizations launching people into space in the 60-70s

More democratic and pre-stop methods of exchange of values have become available today. in which people themselves communicate the ability to develop rules and jointly manage and monitor them, providing a more equitable way of mutual relations between each other

These are crypto-currencies
Since the Nax has some experimental developments, I am working with the gadget of the Edineurs to create a full-scale presentation stand, in which we expect to receive and demonstrate the super-efficiency of our heat generator, which demonstrates a greater heat output over the electricity costs
Of course, it's worth looking at the results and then you can already confidently talk about that startup. which rotates in my head.

But there is a certainty that the technical part will work, that part of the technical equipment will be integrated - which will connect the generators to the Internet ... However, while the question is in the very algorithm of interaction of people, energy, crypto currency

Open remains the issue of software, the availability of programmers who are able to work with blocking technologies
Does someone communicate with programmers. working in the blockbuster technologies? Tell me who you could talk to, would be grateful
I would like to invite the public and experts to discuss