Hollo (my energy and cryptocurency thinking)

Now I'm preparing a test and pre-installation stand for a heat generator. which according to plans should give out thermal energy 5-10 times more than the electric energy at the input

In order to launch a project that will tie energy to block-chechen technologies, it is necessary to go through three major steps

Step 1 - create a product line
Step 2 - connection of heat and power generators to the Internet
Step 3 Binding the generation to the block-chain platform
LO3 Energy и Brooklyn Microgrid

LO3 Energy is an advanced developer of software based on block-technologies. The main profile is the electric power industry. The most famous project - Brooklyn Microgrid, launched in New York in the spring of 2016, based on the blockbuster Ethereum.

Примечательно, что в эксперименте участвует крупная американская компания в области электроэнергетики Consolidated Edison. За учёт и передачу электричества отвечает специальное устройство TransActive Grid, которое является одновременно и счётчиком и компьютером. Отлеживать расходы и доходы можно в одноимённом мобильном приложении.

It is noteworthy that the experiment involves a large American company in the field of electric power Consolidated Edison. For accounting and transmission of electricity is a special device TransActive Grid, which is both a counter and a computer. You can keep costs and incomes in the same mobile application.

The project itself is looking for owners of solar panels and invites them to connect to the network. Communication is via Wi-Fi. For the given electric power participants receive credit-certificates, which can later sell to each other.

More than $ 100 billion has already been allocated for such projects in the US.

I brought up existing projects. who work in the crypto currency to provide services related to electricity.

The bottom line is that. that in addition to solar and windy regions there is a huge number of regions in which there are problems with the generation of energy of this plan. plus wind and solar energy is hampered by the need to use batteries, which is an expensive component

we are working on electricity generators. in which there will be no need to use expensive batteries