How dare Tark wallet to be Alipay of the coin circle?


In the high tide of digital currency entrepreneurship in 2013, the wallet experienced ups and downs, and there were bodies all over because of the lack of profit model. Tark Wallet broke the dilemma by virtue of the advantage of blockchain 4.0.

Before learning about Tark's wallet, first let me popularize the concept of blockchain digital wallet for everyone, take Bitcoin as an example: Since the underlying layer is essentially a accounting book, remember "who has transferred how much money to whom" and "Who has how much money?" And there are about 10,000 nodes which is accounting, so don't worry about the loss of the accounting books. Of course, these people do not keep accounts free for you, and every time you transfer money, you have to pay the mining fees.

The first thing to be clear is that the digital currency wallet is not really a "wallet". The currency is not stored in the wallet, but stored in the blockchain mentioned above (substantially a bunch of numbers). The wallet is just an application that allows you to open an account, check balances and transfer money.In fact, every currency, in theory, will operate its own wallet.

Therefore, most of the wallets on the market are easier to use, integrate various currencies, or be more secure. Generally speaking, wallets can be divided into cold wallets and hot wallets.

The cold wallet is characterized by never touching the network, essentially a storage tool for private key.

In the scenarios of digital currency, the user does not need to save his own token, but only needs to keep the password or key, that is, the private key. The transfer needs to be signed with the private key to initiate. The anonymity of the digital currency determines that when the private key is lost and you lose the money. You can no longer prove that the account is yours, so keep the private key secure.


The private key is actually a string of characters, like this:


The cold wallet makes this string of characters never touch the network, and hackers can hardly steal it. The specific method includes putting the key into the Android system, and the mobile phone equipped with this system cannot be connected to the network; or if the key is stored in the chip, the hacker has to break the chip if he wanted to steal it.

Cold wallets include Ledger Nano S, Keepkey, Trezor from abroad; domestic Coldlar, Bepal, BTXON, SealBlock, Wookong, DRsafe, etc. When transferring money, the hardware needs to be used in conjunction with computer or mobile phone and other networking devices.

As the name implies, hot wallet is the private key touch the network. The common form is mobile APP and computer web page. The whole process of opening an account, generating private key and transferring money is connecting the network and also required to input the private key. Most people, of course, copy and paste, so once someone hacks into your computer, it's very insecure.

However, we don't talk much about the topic of security.Readers who are interested in can follow our upcoming research reports. Common hot wallets include imToken, Kcash, Bitpie, MetaMask, My Ether Wallet.

There is also a wallet called a managed wallet. Simply put, the e-wallet helps you keep the private key. The user only needs the account name and password. When the money is transferred, the wallet will retrieve the private key for signature. The advantage is that it is easy to operate, much like the logic of the exchange wallet. These type of wallets include Bixin, Cobo, and Jixin BlockChain.

Tark wallet is the Internet's Alipay, the imagination is enormous, based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology and high-level security protection, greatly reducing the loss of assets caused by hacking and other phenomena, the four major innovative modes are sure to set off huge waves in the circle.

1. Multi-token storage.

Pure e-wallets are based only on security, such as the expensive cold wallet on the market, but the user side is too narrow to make sense. Tark wallet supports the storage of all the tokens in the world, greatly improving the convenience and the liquidity of the user's asset storage.

2. Payment and transaction integration.

The exchange's huge profits are eye-catching, Tark wallet continues the traditional wallet function, and realizes the trading function between the tokens. Compared with the mainstream wallet, Imtoken has just realized the transaction function between the single token, Tark wallet can realize the cross-chain token wallet realizing double-ecosystem of on-chain and off-chain, and the holder can quickly use the wallet for trading, which is a revolutionary for the inherent mode of the exchange.

3. Information service function.

Tark Wallet brings together the resources of the world's major trading platforms, opening a 24-hour market dynamic section, allowing wallet holders to monitor the trend of the token all the time, and it will set up online social functions such as community in the wallet in the future, open a fast access to traffic interface, achieving perfect integration of information and social functions.

4. Diversified applications.

Tark wallet gives more scenes for storage and circulation. Wallet users can use the assets in the wallet to make shopping in the mall. Subsequently Tark wallets will also gradually install blockchain games, leisure and entertainment in the wallet, and even find some more high-end application scenarios, it will develop into the most practical payment tools in the token industry.

The emergence of Tark wallet is not accidental, but is the inevitable outcome of the accumulation of demand in the token asset market to a certain stage. This is the same as the appearance of Alipay in the past, and the future of the token asset will also start from here!