How do we change the public's view of Crypto world?

The public views only describes how insecure and unsafe the crypto community is. I do understand that cryptocurrencies are volatile and the issue of anonymity sometimes scares people away but y'all bear with me that if crypto is explained to you and you really understand it properly you would not make wrong mistakes and get swayed away by panic sales or submit your private key as ethereum wallet address. Is it a public campaign or some other form of tutorial that we should organize to help explain crypto to the world because believe it or not the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies is being admired by most organizations and some of them have decided to run their operations with the use of blockchain technology.
Let me be very honest any new technology that comes into existence is said to be difficult at the initial stage, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't accept it at all. We have to put some efforts to understand the technology. In the case of cryptocurrency, the scenario is the same there are many technologies involved in it like blockchain technology, cryptocurrency mining, etc. I understand that these terms and concepts are not as simple to understand in the first go. But it's not impossible as well. To understand the cryptocurrency one should first start with the basic by doing research and reading various articles and getting the latest updates regarding the cryptocurrency. Apart from that, we can look for multiple infographics on the internet that would make the work a lot easier. One should also keep in mind that technical aspects that involve technical terminologies should be avoided as not every individual is techno freak and would understand it, so it is necessary to keep it simple. So the only way to change people's perception regarding crypto world is by educating them and providing knowledge regarding cryptocurrency.

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