How to go beyond than Ethereum? Metaverse is the most precise next bend

Sep 2021
The metaverse has been described as another significant change in human social civilization. With it, the concept of NFT has exploded because the consensus is that “NFT is the best entry point for the practical application of metaverse.”

I am speaking of the correlation between NFT and Ether. The current consensus is that there are only two kinds of NFT in the market, one is building on Ethereum, and the other is building on different blockchains. However, the recognition of NFT on other chains is not high at present, which means that if NFT is the entry point of the metaverse and a large number of NFT are issued on the Ethereum, then there is an excellent possibility that the bearing logic and the underlying layer of metaverse will be on the Ethereum blockchain in the future or on the Ethereum sidechain. And Ethereum has captured the explosive growth point of the whole NFT industry. It seems that Ether has a head start and only needs to wait for the right time.
Will Ethereum be the only one, and other public chains will have no chance?

In the past month, NFT has brought significant increment to ETH, and there are many hot NFT projects, just as ETH upgraded EIP-1559 and destroyed a lot of ETH fees in the process of grabbing NFT and issuing, which has significantly surpassed the head DeFi protocol, in this case, ETH captured the value of NFT.

It is easy to see that after the fame of the public chain of Ether, it is almost always the result of complementary capture to the new economic model because the final value of the public chain will only feedback to the price when the users get the real return in the economy. Even if other public chains are more vital than Ethereum in infrastructure construction, performance marking, and cross-chain interoperability, it is still hard to surpass Ethereum. Therefore, if you want to win in public chains, you can only start from the development logic, the ability of value, and the economic model to form a differentiated competitive advantage. So, how to quickly use the above benefits to stand out in the fierce market competition?

As we mentioned above, the main reason for the success of the Ethereum public chain is value capture. So, there is only one chance to overtake the competition: to capture the value of the metaverse before Ethereum “picks the fruit”! The metaverse concept is comprehensive and long-term, and it may be a significant change in human social civilization. People’s communication and life may be carried out in the metaverse in the future. It can be said that whichever public chain can capture the value of the metaverse will become the “Ethereum killer” in the future.
The Caduceus is an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform specially built for metaverse and decentralized digital world, which aims to provide a highly adaptable and liberal construction foundation for the metaverse ecosystem, lower the threshold for participants to enter the metaverse, and at the same time, bring the market closer to the ideal state with its advantages in VR and other visual enhancement technologies. Bring a metaverse experience closer to the perfect condition for the market.

Caduceus provides creation tools that support 3D game materials/models and related NFT casting trading and splitting tools as a creative platform for metaverse applications. It also builds an open-source hardware and software platform that includes display terminals, computing centers, operating systems, and interfaces. Together with a complete set of XR algorithm package, it seamlessly connects with the Unity3D AR engine and other mainstream productivity tools. As much as possible, it allows metaverse developers to realize the freedom to innovate cutting-edge metaverse applications. It is also participant and developer-friendly. Participants can see virtual reality on the screen and participate directly in the virtual world and realize the creation and exchange of value in the real world.

In Caduceus’ understanding, the metaverse is also a second life for humans. It provides a new platform, a new identity, a new persona, a new worldview. Users can use their unique identities to interact in virtual worlds, use digital currency, play, work and perform actual activities in 3D virtual worlds, which will generate an unimaginable space of value.
Undoubtedly, capturing value plays a vital role in the ecological value growth process, and the major public chains have already started to accelerate the optimization of the environmental, economic model. Today, with little difference in the underlying technology, whoever has a more advanced development model will likely capture users, resources, and developers in the market faster. At the same time, it can also strongly confront other public chains and even overtake Ethereum to become the “king of public chains.”

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