How to invest in an NFT in 2022? Non-fungible tokens to start your crypto investment

How to invest in an NFT in 2022? Non-fungible tokens to start your crypto investment

NFTs, you've probably heard of them if you're interested in cryptocurrencies, but also if you're an artist looking to make a living from your art. Indeed, at the moment, it's the feast of record, the inventor of the Nyan Cat has received more than 470,000 euros for the new version of his animated GIF.

The American artist Beeple has meanwhile pocketed close to $ 70 million for a digital mosaic.

The NFT market is very similar to the physical art market that we all know. Some works and some artists are popular and others less.

But make no mistake, in most cases the artists who pocket these crazy sums of money are either already very well known or have produced such an original work that it immediately gained significant value from the art-loving community.

How to create your first NFT? Crypto market places (Opensea, Binance, etc…)

Before creating your NFT, you must first choose the blockchain in which you will put this NFT. In 99% of cases, it will happen on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-721 type tokens. And there will be costs associated with the "mintage" of your token. The blockchains Tron, Polkadot, Tezos, Cosmos, Matic, and Klaytn also allow you to deposit digital objects. I won't go into detail about each of these blockchains, but you should also be interested.

To buy an NFT, you will need a wallet like Metamask for example with a little cryptocurrency on it. If you buy on the Ethereum blockchain, you will need to buy ETH on platforms like Bitpanda or Binance. I've made a whole list of the platforms where you can buy cryptocurrency here.

And once they are purchased, you will have to transfer them to your MetaMask or another wallet, which will cost you a fee that is also called GAS.

Then there are a lot of platforms where you can shop for artwork, but here is a small selection:



Super rare


Binance NFT Marketplace

Nifty Gateway

On Opensea, the creative experience is quite user-friendly and above all allows you to create your NFT for free and quickly. The fees will arrive later when you complete the sale of your NFT.

However Opensea is also an aggregator, if you put something on Mintable (or Rarible or elsewhere…), it will be visible on Opensea.

As far as I am concerned, my preference is Mintable which I find a little more fun to use, so I will use this service for the rest of the explanations.

Thus, you may need a wallet to buy or create or sell your NFTs such as MetaMask-type crypto wallet, coinbase wallet or Trust wallet that support NFTs.

How to promote an NFT?

Creating an NFT is not that complex. The real challenge now will be to sell it. And for that, well you will have to make it known to your community.

You can of course apply all classic marketing strategies, namely natural referencing, emailing, content creation, advertising, calling on influencers, or even calling on "art dealers" specializing in NFTs. … Etc., But this involves first of all expenses and also that your community is familiar with the concept of NFTs.

The best is therefore to promote your works to people who already practice buying art through NFT: collectors.

I will start from the principle that your NFT is a unique and interesting work and I will show you how to promote it, in particular by creating a community of loyal people who will appreciate your art, will buy it, and above all will talk about it on the networks.(J^x2TSMvRj1COh0^)

Which NFT crypto to buy?

Some NFTs are better investments than others because they were brought to the market by high-rated artists. Others by emerging artists.

Finally, some collections such as Cryptopunks or PancakeSwap Squad are voluntarily limited in copies and some of these NFTs have more or less rare characteristics. It is therefore difficult to tell you what to buy as there are so many parameters.

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