How to make money off cryptocurrency?

I have been reading about exchanging sites. all of them have people who lost their money due to hacks, or investors got their accounts closed, frozen (Coindesk) without proper explanations, usually exchange sites let them deposit money, but they don't let them withdraw their money.

How do you make money of cryptocurrency when the exchange sites are predators to hunt people's money? Decentralized trade sites maybe? If I read positive reviews about these centralized exchange sites , they doesn't seem genuine at all, most of the time, it looks like someone ordered them from Fiverr. Binance, Bitfinex with the Tether fiasco, Coinmama.... All of them looks like scummy attempt to get your money.
For this purpose I recommend project. Having understood in details the advantages and prospects of the project, you will understand that you can really earn here. Earnings are in a promising cryptocurrency-Ethereum, which is constantly growing in price, thereby adding passive investments.
You can make money with the help of cryptocurrency in the following ways:-

1) The first and the most obvious way is to do trading of cryptocurrencies

2) The second way is by doing cryptocurrency mining

3) The third way is by launching your own crypto exchange where you allow traders to trade and will enable them to list their coins on your exchange as well

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