How to make money while playing the game? GameFi: When the game encounters DeFi

How to make money while playing the game? GameFi: When the game encounters DeFi

Players can play to earn while playing in the game. Not only can you experience the fun of the game in the game, but you can also earn money in the game.

Chain Games is a blockchain game, also known as GameFi, which refers to the presentation of financial products in the form of games. Now the market has the most interpretations of the most popular blockchain games in the crypto circle. It combines Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) with online gaming based on blockchain technology.

From the model, the understanding is more profound, and making money is the focus of external publicity.

This earning money is not for everyone. It means that this game mode gives players a mode of making money. Players can sell the props in the game to the trading platform in the encrypted market in exchange for real money.

Why are people opening GameFi at this time?

If DeFi is to reproduce the real financial system in the blockchain in a distributed structure, then GameFi is visual blockchain finance that expresses DEFI as a game.

GameFi integrates the concepts of DEFI and NFT and presents it as a game to run the blockchain financial system in a more intuitive way. In specific chain game projects, GameFi's game rules, props, and derivatives are built on DEFI The operation mode of NFT products is based on logic.

For the traditional pie and ether, those who once wanted to mine went to GameFi, and started the national chain game plan. The essence of GameFi is "play-to-earn" (playing and making money), which is very popular among young people. It may be a childhood dream of many people to make money while playing games, and now it is expected to come true.

The biggest feature of Chain Tour

In the traditional game field, the game account has only the right to use but not the ownership for the player. As the developer shuts down the game server, for example, the virtual skin assets in your King's Glory will instantly return to zero. In blockchain games, the game rewards are encrypted assets, which can be freely bought and sold on the chain.

Blockchain games ensure the ownership of digital assets, GameFi's game mechanism, and the initiative is handed over to players, reconstructing the relationship between developers and players, and has great penetration and development potential. The essence of blockchain is "decentralization" and "difficult to tamper". The combination of blockchain technology and games gives market participants a fair chance to play, which is difficult to achieve in traditional games.(J^x2TSMvRj1COh0^)

In traditional online games, due to the participation of local tyrant players in real life, the game mechanism and fairness are greatly affected. Such krypton gold players can easily lead the hard work of ordinary players by purchasing experience, levels, and equipment with a lot of cash.

This has resulted in a high-quality experience for krypton gold players, sacrificing the gaming experience of a large number of ordinary players.

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