News [ICO] Pre-sale NeuronetCoin - Event of the Year, the introduction of AI.

Sep 2021
NEURONET is an innovative open source cryptocurrency exchange. The difference between Neuronet and all blockchain systems lies in the built-in artificial intelligence.

The Neuronet ecosystem is the best combination of decentralized trading exchange and artificial intelligence. Neuronet users can enjoy the best decentralized exchange trading experience without worrying about the security of their trading assets. Neuronet also significantly lowers technical and business barriers for novice traders, providing a solid foundation for their business to grow.


We are implementing revolutionary technological solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, such as:
  • - Global Public Blockchain Assessment Index
  • - Security audit using artificial intelligence capabilities
  • - A trading robot based on artificial intelligence
  • - and much more that is not available on modern crypto-exchanges.

See how the MQL5 neural network worked for only one day (during the global collapse of the exchange market) on March 9, 2020.

* full information on our website in the "White Paper"

NeuronetCoin pre-sale started today. The first 100 people who join us will receive each $ 100 token for free.

There are no more such offers on the market. Come and see for yourself.
If you find an offer better than ours, we will give you tokens for free.

Sale date: Oct 4-25, 2021
ICO will last only 20 days, the number of tokens is limited !!!
Token price: $ 0.20
List Price: $ 1.00

Participate in ICO:
Twitter: @NeuronetCoin1
Telegram: @NeuronetCoin2
Website: NeuronetCoin . com

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