iDice is all the rage but many warn it's the next ICO scam



Apr 2017
If you follow all the various crypto news sites, a new ICO, iDice seems to be all the rage. It touts itself as the Ethereum Dice game, "the world's first mobile blockchain gambling app." asserts that it could follow the path of other cryptos, earning investors 10-30x their investment.

Coin Telegraph also gave the ICO positive reviews, adding that they've already raised $360k in two days and are "giving investors 30% bonus tokens for every Ether contributed for the next 4 days."

NewsBTC had an interview with the founder of iDice, Jordan Wong and discussed some of the aspects of the ICO.

And while most of the news is positive, it's hard to know what will come of any ICO seeing as how the most convincing of campaigns can sometimes turn out to be scams. Seeing how this ICO is a gambling app, it's even more ironic. All ICO's are a gamble. All cryptos are a gamble at the end of the day, but time will tell if this ICO turns out big profits or runs off with the money.

Some people are already warning iDice is merely just the next scam.

Time will certainly tell, but the idea of crypto gambling is definitely the next evolution in the ever expanding crypto world.

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