Important Read! Cryptocurrency WILL change everything

Happy to see this thread is generating lots of conversation. I just wanted to drop by and announce an update from our end at heatledger!

Update or try out HEAT Wallet & integrated DEX latest version (2.9.0). BTC, ETH, ARDR, NXT, HEAT, FIMK support, automated withdrawals, off-chain messenger. Check the full update on the blog post on medium at heatledger

The HEAT team is excited to have finally announced the update release showing our commitment to long term improvement of the services. We know that our server update, use of WebRTC technology, and the addition of off-chain P2P messaging provides much-needed features for the current and future HEAT platform users. We are eager to make further developments and improve on those which we already have. In Q2, we plan to bring you further coin offerings and improvements to our newly introduced P2P messaging.

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