Introducing Lunariz (LNRZ) NFT Initial Minting Rewards!

Nov 2021
Initial Minting Rewards is the first distribution of the Lunariz Token (LNRZ).
Get a unique NFT for a limited time only and receive LNRZ. The LNRZ amount vary depending on the Phase you mint in.
People Minting an NFT in the IMR will also be signged up for automaticity be airdropped in each airdropping round.

So what is Lunariz?
Lunariz is a Next Generation Token (LNRZ) build on Solana. Trade LNRZ or any of your favorite Tokens using the Lunariz Dex. Easily swap on the on-chain orderbook with Lunariz Swap. Use the Lunariz Bank to lockup your Lunariz Tokens (LNRZ) and receive a 2% fixed APY as long as Lunariz Reserve has tokens. Apply for a Lunariz Grant and start creating in the Lunariz Ecosystem.

Lunariz (LNRZ) Token highlights:
  • Lunariz has a Max Supply of 42 Billion.
  • Lunariz has near instant global payments that cannot be censored.
  • Lunariz can be used by anyone anywhere in the world.
  • Lunariz is very cheap to transfer globally.
  • Each year 1% of the Lunariz Reserve is burned.
  • Lunariz is build upon the secure Solana Blockchain.

To celebrate the upcoming launch you can win 1 NFT + 8x the average LNRZ amount!
Twitter giveaway:
We hope to see you!
Mr.. EasterEgg
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