Introducing PPIO decentralized storage network. Test net will be on Jan. 20, 2019

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce that PPIO test net will be on this weekend Jan. 20. We’ll public SDKs for iOS and Android and cmd for Windows and Linux. A demo of cloud storage built on PPIO will also be available to download. If you are interested in participating in the test net, please visit PPIO decentralized storage this weekend for further information.

PPIO is a global programmable storage network based on the blockchain. The platform is designed for developers that value affordability, speed, and privacy. It consists of a wide range of bandwidth and storage contributors. In this ecosystem, the users will have cost-effective storage and bandwidth; the miners will get a fair good incentive by circulating their idle bandwidth and storage resources. The whole ecosystem strives to balance the supply and demand between the users and the miners. Meanwhile, the system will give the developers more flexibility than any other storage platforms to build various applications suitable for their own business, such as private cloud storage app, shared cloud storage app, streaming media storage app, big data commercial storage, etc. Our vision is to form a prosperous storage economy for the developers and eventually for the end users.

Our team focus on building a high QoS infrastructure for developers to sustain a stable and scalable network. Instead of going fully decentralized straightly, PPIO chooses to realize the decentralization gradually - from a strong center to the weak center to decenter to guarantee the scalability and stability of the service. We deploy for different proof algorithms: Proof of Replication, Proof of Spacetime, Proof of Download, and Light Proof of Capacity.

I'm not allowed to submit links here, so if you want to know more information about our p2p networks, APIs, SDKs, and proof algorithms please go search "PPIO decentralized storage".

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