Introduction to Bitcoin and Launching a Cryptocurrency Forum


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Apr 2017
Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchains
I heard about Bitcoin not long after it launched on some technology podcasts I listened to. I would go on and hear antidotal updates over the years, and I remember being scared when Mt. Gox was hacked in 2014. I eventually signed up for Coinbase in January 2015, however it took a good friend taking the time to answer my questions before I went down the rabbit hole of researching and reading articles to better understand this new technology. And when my friend showed me Poloniex, we spent the weekend on our laptops reading financial charts and graphs, as we tried to understand this new market.

Over time, my research furthered into the technology powering the blockchains. I experienced my first hard fork, resulting in Ethereum Classic. From there, I continued learning more about the entire altcoin ecosystem, starting with Dash and Monero. I was addicted! As I became more passionate about cryptocurrency, I began telling others. Some would have questions, but most had this glazed look in their eyes. For those wanting to understand more, I ended up being their source for help. And when I didn't know the answer, I was excited to learn just as much as they were.

I tend to have multiple conversations going on about different cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. In many ways, we are learning together through sharing information and having long discussions. And of course, when something notable happens in the crypto space, we would always digest and process the news together. Researching different altcoins lends itself to understanding their individual utility and blockchain use, often resulting in more questions and answers. Through continued discussions, research, and helping others, this eventually led to the idea about starting a community - this was the genesis of building a cryptocurrency forum.

Launching a Cryptocurrency Forum
The vision was to build a free and open community, dedicated to all cryptocurrencies, instead of focusing on a specific crypto. I wanted a place for sharing information and topics about crypto in an easy-to-understand format. And most importantly, I wanted information about crypto to be approachable by anyone and everyone, regardless of their experience levels towards technology, computers, or cryptocurrencies.

Cryptorum went online in April 2017 and continued to grow, along with the cryptocurrency bull market. And for those who have followed along, we all know what happened next... the entire cryptocurrency market started a new cycle and entered into a severe bear market. Unfortunately, the Cryptorum site followed this same path, as many newcomers to crypto were burned on the downward cycle and online traffic for crypto rescinded heavily.

Relaunching a Cryptocurrency Forum
My friends involved with crypto often make jokes with me about having PTSD after our experience during the last crash, watching it all come crumbling down. Now we have a renewed understanding about the timing of markets and understand the overall changes occurring as the cryptocurrency industry matures. And through these exciting times, Cryptorum was relaunched in February 2021 with a new direction on where cryptocurrency is today and where it's going in the future.

Moving Forward
I'm old enough to have seen the world we live in change from an analog to digital society. I experienced the Internet revolutionize the world we live in, and I truly feel the next big revolution will come from blockchain technology. My passion for cryptocurrency are the positive changes and implications it will have on our society. It's my hope that Cryptorum will help evangelize the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to a global audience, and our world will change for the better.