invest now in crypto?

Hello, I'm currently learning a lot about cryptocurrencies and of course also about Bitcoin etc. So I got in touch with VERY different opinions and thoughts - as I expected.
Now my question: What do you think about the future of cryptocurrencies and also Bitcoin when it comes to investment......? Would you invest at the present moment or would you rather wait and why? thank you in advance! =)
Future of cryptocurrencies is pretty wonderful because of technological progress.
Also have you learned about arbitrage of cryptocurrencies as way to make profit?
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I've been thinking for two months that this is the right time to enter the market but we've been taking the bear for two months....
I don't know what to think any more except maybe that the techno blockchain/smart brings nevertheless enormément of thing and that at a moment the bulls will take again the way.

After when we see how the market reacts with the report of the etfs! it should however be seen as good news...
plus there are a lot of cryptocurrencies right now that has great possibilities of being big in the future, ADA, BAT, XRP. Euncoin, XLM. Of course it will be hard on them to replace Bitcoin but at least they are super promising.
The cryptocurrency volatility by itself is a great opportunity. Take a look on XRP - in September, if you traded it on right moments, your profit would be up to 200% in the matter of just a couple of days. You just need to use properly fundamental and technical analysis.
Yet if you want to buy cryptocurrencies and keep them stored in your wallet, then there is one thing sure - we are in the bear market. How long is it going to last? Not sure, but the last such bear market lasted almost two years (2014-2015).
Investing in Bitcoin is a good idea, however there are also different projects for working with cryptocurrencies. Now, I am in one- Weenzee and enjoying my first payments already.

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