Invested my savings in coins....


Sorry if this seems newbish and I get laughed at. Just looking for some help from guys in the know really. I am new here. Hows it going ;). I am the kind of person to always help out so I should get some good help right?

So I am not rich but I have got lets say 30,000$ in savings from my life, not much.
I was meant to get in on coins more a few years back but hey.

I decided to invest 10% of my money 3,000$ into coins. What do you think of the idea? and the investments I made?
2000$ investment in Etherium today
500$ investmesnt in Bitcoin today
500$ investment in Ripple today

I am prepared to lose all of this, hopefully that does not happen.
Cheers in advance.
All the best my friend, though I am also a newbie here all I suggest you that first, you should have proper knowledge before investing in any cryptocurrency. As I am also planning to invest my hard-earned money in these currencies such as Ripple, Litecoin & Ethereum but before that, I am just learning from forums, Facebook groups and few forum members have suggested me some useful sites that helps me in every aspect like in how much I should invest, basic info., about various coins and about worth of those coins in crypto world, knowledge about smart contracts and upcoming and interesting ICOs etc.

So, my friend If you have invested your money, then All the best from my side or If you are planning to do so, then for learning - all the best. :)
Have you heard about new exchange platform? CoinDeal? For now, it has the possibility to trade BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, DASH. Of course, this is connected to that the stock market has just been opened. It promises to be good option.
I have heard and can tell you something about :)
I looked for an alternative of just sitting and looking at the prices going down - finally chosen exchanging and started to get some knowledge about it.
Now I'm happy with some recovered investments... And the site I used, and I'm using to do it is COINDEAL, you were talking about.
This site is built-on community govern - we, users are choosing new crypto's applied through voting.
Next thing is support, which to be honest I never had to use, but one time when I just had a dilemma about next moves on exchanging I wrote to the support and... they helped a bit :D Despite the fact it was around 2 am... :)
They're using my favor - cold wallets - slow but secure, this also fits me.
It is a good thought to invest in crypto like bitcoin. But the market can be down anytime. So, before deciding to invest in the cryptocurrency, get ready to lose your money if the market falls down. Be positive and invest your money as risks are involved in every work.
Hey, how about some advice? I am interested in Kinguin new ico but as I try to find anything about it, there's nothing, as if nobody knew anything, while they announced they earned 11 mln € on ico already. The minimum investiment is $5,000 USD / €4,000 EUR / 5 ETH / 0.4 BTC. I have some savings and heard about them as I use their site and they have a big banner up there. Thoughts?
Yes, I also think that the funds need to be invested. True, I invest in a good ICOs. Aergo - this is the last project I have invested in. I consider it successful. The guys are developing a blockchain for business. Has someone invested?