Invested my savings in coins....

Lots of ups and downs around Bitcoin at this moment in time. I won’t be investing anymore into it.
After studying a lot of different cryptos I believe Cryptonex CNX will be the one to watch out for. It has increased more than sevenfold in the last two or three months.
To get additional profit you can even use their pos mining which gives 12% annually for keeping your wallet online.
Anyway you should think with your own head)
Have you heard about new exchange platform? CoinDeal? For now, it has the possibility to trade BTC, BCC, ETH, LTC, DASH. Of course, this is connected to that the stock market has just been opened. It promises to be good option.

Sorry if this seems newbish and I get laughed at. Just looking for some help from guys in the know really. I am new here. Hows it going ;). I am the kind of person to always help out so I should get some good help right?

So I am not rich but I have got lets say 30,000$ in savings from my life, not much.
I was meant to get in on coins more a few years back but hey.

I decided to invest 10% of my money 3,000$ into coins. What do you think of the idea? and the investments I made?
2000$ investment in Etherium today
500$ investmesnt in Bitcoin today
500$ investment in Ripple today

I am prepared to lose all of this, hopefully that does not happen.
Cheers in advance.
That's good decided to invest 10% of our money 3,000$ into coins I think. Goog Luck