Is the future of mankind the gateway to the metacosm or to Mars?

Sep 2021
The metacosm, a word we now know well, has once again detonated this hot spot with Facebook's name "Metaverse metacosm", which seems to have become the new continent that the giants are vying for overnight.

These giants used dazzling technology to the general public to open a wonderful picture, it seems that the milk and honey of heaven is close at hand, but is it really like this?

The future of mankind, guided by countless pioneers in modern times, is entering a fork point:

One is migration to Mars;

One is the metacosm.

And these two fields also have their own figurative representation, the leader of the migration to Mars, no doubt Elon Musk Musk.


And now the Metaverse has found its own representative, Mark Zuckerberg.

If you choose, who will you follow into the world of the future?

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