Jewish merchant AJM: opened up a new world with the wisdom of the Jewish saints as its sword

The wisdom of the Jews has always been a legend in the world.
Once upon a time, a Jew said to his son: "Now our only wealth is wisdom. When others say that one plus one equals two, you should think that it will equal more than two. They ran bronze business in Houston. One day, the father asked his son what the price of a pound of copper was? The son answered: it is 35 cents. The father said: "Yes, the entire state of Texas knows that the price of copper is 35 cents a pound, but as the son of the Jews, it should be $3.5. You try to make a pound of copper into a doorknob. "

Twenty years later, he ran bronze drums, made reeds on Swiss clocks, and

made medals for the Olympics. He once sold a pound of copper for

$3500 when he was chairman of MacCall. What really made him famous, however, was a pile of garbage from New York.

The federal government has invited extensive tenders to clean up the waste left behind for the renovation of the Statue of Liberty. But after several months, no one responded to the bidding. After seeing the copper pieces, screws and wood piled up like the mountain under the Statue of Liberty, he did not mention any conditions and immediately signed.

Many transportation companies in New York secretly laughed at his stupid move. Because in New York State, there are strict regulations on garbage disposal, and it will be prosecuted by environmental organizations if it is not dealt well. Just as some people wanted to look at joke of the Jews, he began to organize workers to sort out the waste. He made people melt the scrap copper and cast it into a little Statue of Liberty; he processed the cement block and wood into a pedestal; and made the waste lead and scrap aluminum the key to the New York Square. Finally, he even packaged the ash that was swept away from the Statue of Liberty and sold it to the flower shop. In less than three months, he turned the pile of waste into $3.5 million in cash, and the price of copper has risen 10,000 times per pound.

This is the wisdom of the Jews. As a civilization that has been circulated

for thousands of years, Judaism has not left the world with any palaces and buildings to the world. The only thing left behind is wisdom, which is the root of all wealth. Therefore, by virtue of these wisdom, the Jews reached the throne of the world's number one merchant, and their achievements in the field of wealth impressed the world.

Jews who have experienced vicissitudes can understand wealth better than people of other nationalities. For them, one plus one is always greater than two. Although Jews are often in a difficult environment, they always believe that they can change their own destiny. Wealth is not born, as long as you believe that you have the ability to change the status quo.

Jewish saint JT, as an elite team in the Jewish nation, inherits the spiritual wealth of the ancestors! In the new era, the concept of Jewish merchant AJM was creatively put forward, and the dream of changing the world

was put into practice!

Jews have always not enjoyed traditions, and they are not intimidated by traditional backgrounds and forces. They believe in their own abilities and believe that they can change their disadvantages. What they have to do is to break the rigid concept and overthrow the influence of the previous generations, and to create a new world that is dominated by itself.

This is the spiritual wealth of the Jews, the spiritual power of the Jewish saint, and the ideological power generated by the Jewish merchant AJM. It has been more than ten years since the emergence of the token economy. In the past ten years, while the exploration has advanced, great social achievements have been produced, but there are inevitably many problems. What AJM has to do is to change the tradition, change the disadvantages and pain points in the old world, and establish a new system and concept.

The Jewish merchant AJM is a token asset created by Jewish saint JT based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 technology. It is the twin brother of Bitcoin. It is constantly upgraded on the basis of Bitcoin and has the power to change the world, it was known as digital gold for the 21st century. Jewish merchant AJM's development vision is to make a drastic change in the traditional financial field, cross-border settlement and payment, securities investment market, product traceability, enterprises

launching on blockchain, and seamlessly connect with billions of people around the world´╝îcreating a decentralized application ecosystem, so as to realize the good desire to change the world.
What is needed for traditional change, only technology, but also courage and thought. This is a war without gunpowder, and it is also the battle of clearing for the Jewish merchant AJM!

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