#1 is a project created for the development of modern technologies, the popularization of cryptocurrencies and the support of DApp. Jack Pot is played daily at BTC among the community members. To win, you do not need to invest, vote, buy something or promote a project. But for the support and popularization of the TronBomb project, we will always be grateful to our community members.

To win in the contest you just need to guess BTC/USD rate which will be at 7.00 UTC the next day​

  1. To get free BTC to your personal wallet, you need to take part in the TronBomb Telegram contest.
  2. To win, you need to guess the BTC/USDT rate which will be on the CoinDesk at 7:00 am UTC the next day.
  3. Write your Bitcoin rate guess to the bot in the TronBomb Telegram chat. Enter the command /bet and write your rate. For example /bet 11111.11 or /bet 11111.11.
  4. One user can write only one comment per 24 hours
  5. Editing comments is prohibited.
  6. Comments are accepted from 7.00 UTC on the current day to 3.00 UTC the next day.
  7. If there is no winner, the prize fund is transferred to the next day.
  8. If there are several winners, the amount of the prize fund is distributed in equal shares between the winners.