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Apr 2017
This is my attempt to create a trading journal, to share with the community about some of the active trades I'm making. In the past, I've gone in and out of trades, based on news and rumors, with limited technical analysis. However, now I want to make a diligent effort to find good entry points, and take profits along the way.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in the 2017 bull cycle was I never took profits. I watched my portfolio grow and come back down again; and when the cycle was all over, I had nothing to show for it. I no longer want to think about things only in unrealized profit. Moving forward, I will take profit along the way. And I'm not going to try and be greedy and wait for more profit, expecting a big pump to keep pumping... instead, I'm going to focus on taking small and big profits both.

I am not trading my entire portfolio. The majority of my portfolio is in HODL positions, but I will take a small percentage and focus on finding good entry and exit points to make profit. My swing trades will primarily be daily, as I'm using 4-hour charts with Market Cipher for technical analysis. Add in the typical signals that come in on social media and Telegram groups, and I hope to make good, timely decisions. And while I've never done anything like this before, I will try and update this thread on a regular basis anytime I enter or exit a trade position.

No ground rules, but assume the following:
  • All exchanges are available to me. I will probably stick to CEXs to minimize gas fees and allow mobile trading.
  • Most of my trades will be Limit or Market trading. I never do leverage trading.
Wish me luck, because I'm going to need it!
Sep 2021
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Aug 2021
United States
Definitely think a trading journal is a solid idea and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. Good luck!
Dec 2021
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