Leverage Trading Strategy for Beginners using Market Cipher


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Apr 2017
Leverage Trading Strategy for Beginners
This is a basic leverage trading strategy for traders who are new to leverage trading. Spot trading is fairly simple and straightforward, and minimizes most risk. Leverage trading has high risk, and of course, high rewards also. And Binance will require you to pass their Margin Trading Quiz to be allowed access to margin trading.

Using Market Cipher A and Market Cipher B helps because you can quickly understand the different symbols and indicators in Market Cipher. Here's what to look for:
  • Enter into a trade on a confirmed swing notification
  • Make sure a green dot has printed higher above the zero line, either before or after the swing notification
  • Set your trailing stop loss to 0.5% on 15 minutes.
This will lock in profit at 0.5% and on 20x leverage, this is a 10% gain when you exit the trade. Do that twice a day and your portfolio will look much better after 30 days.

However, before you try 20x leverage, the purpose of posting this strategy discussion is to help beginners who are new to leverage trading. This is the best leverage trading strategy for someone new to leverage trading:

Use Low Leverage
Recommend 2x because the price would need to drop 50% before you're liquidated. This removes most of the risk, while you become more familiar.

Use Low Amounts
Wait until you have a track record showing proven success. And if you see that you're losing more than you're gaining, that's ok... simply adjust what signals you're looking for in Market Cipher and try again. The goal is do the exact same trade 10 times and track your results. Of those 10 trades, you only need 6 to 7 wins, to consider your overall strategy a success.
May 2021
Hi, could you please post a screenshot that shows a buying opportunity?

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