Big faucet Diamond rains Hourly contests

Oct 2021

What do we have?

VIP Level system has raising Rakeback, Cashback, Daily VIP bonuses and weekly VIP bonuses!

We have 3-level referral system. That means user who registered by you can invite another user and another user can invite more users, and YOU will earn from them all!
Referral program starting from 50% of referral wager and up to 85%!

Simple daily login bonuses
Also simple user can claim every day login bonus after email confirmation.

Rains and chat game bots
We have 2 types of rains: simple and diamond.
Simple rain is going every 1 hour for users who reached 2 level (not VIP level, just level).
Diamond rain is the random event. Nobody knows when it will start. But amount of coins in diamond rains is huge! Users who reached 5 simple level will be able to catch it!
We also have chat game bot which starting Roll Hunt game and Guess Lucky Number game! Check it out!

For now we have Dice game with advanced mode, Keno game with 4 levels of risks and Limbo game. Roulette and Mines in developing now.

We are accepting such coins: BTC, LTC, DOGE in Native networks and ETH, USDT, XRP in BEP20 network

Deposit and Withdrawals
All deposit and withdrawals are instant! But anti-fraud system can mark transaction as suspicious and send to double check. But if you have 1 account and not violating rules all will be OK

Faucet system is very interesting. After registration you will be able to claim 0.01 USD faucet in every coin for 10 times. But every level number of claims are raising.
On weekend facet doubles (0.02 USD)
After 5$ worth deposit faucet doubles too! But if it was done on weekend faucet will be x4 (0.04 USD)

Provably Fair
All our games are provably fair and can be checked by formulas.

We are opened for 10 days and already have 2500 registrations and 150-200 stable daily online. Join US!

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