Mark Cuban launches to display NFTs


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Apr 2017 - For NFT Digital Art Collections
Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and an art collector, launched a new website called as a simple digital art gallery for users to display NFTs.

“People bought NFTs, they created them, they need a lazy way to show them off. There really was not an easy way to do it before I wanted an easy way to show my NFTs and a way to put them in my social bios, my email signature, and any place I can stick a URL. People are curious about what other people collect. There wasn’t a super-easy way to do it.”

  • Mark Cuban's Lazy NFT Collection
  • In an interview, Mark Cuban said he was sitting on the domain name and had one of his developers create the new site for him.
  • Looking at domain name sale records, the domain name "" sold for $152,501 USD in 2007.

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