Mining from browser worth it?

Hi all,

newbie to the forum and to the crypto world here. A friend showed me a site you can 'mine' Monero coin from your browser. He showed me his payout which equated to around $5 so it looks legit but I think it took him a while to earn it! Is it worth doing or just a waste of time?


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Apr 2017
Mining from your browser is not worth it. If you're serious about mining, get a dedicated computer and let the hardware do the work. You need a solid CPU or GPU, dependent on the coin you're mining.
If you are interested in trying browser mining you should check out - Hadron mining is harnessing the untapped power of billions of smartphones and PCs to power advanced artificial intelligence. Yes, even your phone! Instead of a winner-takes-all mining approach like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Hadron's proportional awards allows people with weaker machines, including many smartphones, to still earn and spend. You don't need to join a pool to earn, although having a GPU or a more powerful computer can mean more earnings than someone with a slower device.
Hadron is still in alpha, they went live around 15th of January - with a 7500% community growth in 8 days they are getting a lot of attention right now!