giveaway of 200 MON tokens

Oct 2021
Kiev, Ukraine
The game project conducts an airdrop WITH MANDATORY RECEIPT FOR PARTICIPANTS - 200 MON (~20$).
Monsterisland has an excellent referral system, for 1 referral you get - 100 MON (~10$).

Airdrop link -

The airdrop budget is large - 10.000.000 MON (1.000.000 $).
The distribution of tokens for airdrop participants must be expected from January 20, 2022 after the end of the 2nd round of MON sale.

To pass the airdrop through the Telegram bot, you must complete several mandatory social tasks:
- Subscribe to the group and Telegram channel of the project.
- Subscribe to Youtube channel Monsterisland.
- Subscribe to the project's Twitter account and retweet the pinned post.

Token contract address is - 0xAFcD21e5F800F3aB1Ed452EA730Ff35d8b04e9B8 .
The token is in the BSC network (BEP20), so you need to send the Telegram bot the appropriate wallet (better Metamask configured for the BSC network).