NFTs GameFi Metaverse Help in Earning Money?

Jan 2022
The metaverse represents another world within the virtual space where you can lead a normal life. By creating an avatar, you get a distinct identity within the metaverse and can work, earn, and play while sporting that look. You can customize it according to your preference, and XANA allows you to choose your favorite IP as your unique avatar.NFTs are an integral part of the metaverse, and they are the reason you can prove the ownership of your digital assets. Without NFTs, none of your acquisitions in the metaverse hold value in the real world. XANA empowers various NFTs, including wearables, arts, and cars, to be a part of the metaverse. As these NFTs increase in value, you can generate revenue against them by selling them at a higher price. Metaverse supports GameFi and P2E - you can play your favorite game and generate revenue. The P2E model is an open economy that lets people earn money as they indulge in ultimate experiences. Apart from gaming, other streams of revenue in the digital world include renting land in the metaverse, participating in different events, and opening an online shopping store in the virtual space.

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