Nike opens a "Metaverse" flagship store

Nike opens a "Metaverse" flagship store

When it comes to hot spots, fashion brands are always the fastest.

“Yo Bro, these Nike shoes on your feet are good, where did you buy them?”

“Nike Metaverse Official Flagship Store.”

On the gaming platform Roblox, two cube figures are exchanging their latest fashion tips. The most recent big event in the Metaverse is that Nike officially announced that it has launched a virtual large-scale flagship store Nikeland on Roblox, and everyone can wear genuine Nike in the game.

In this latest Nike virtual world, in addition to shopping in the store and dressing yourself up with a variety of Nike custom products, you can also play a variety of sports mini-games, and even use interactive sports materials to design your own mini-games . In the official Nike propaganda, the construction of this world is very cartoonish, with basketball courts, tennis courts, football fields, track and field fields, and a sci-fi Nike store with a huge Nike logo floating in the air.

Nike said that the inspiration for the construction of Nikeland's internal buildings and venues comes directly from Nike's real headquarters in Oregon, USA, which can be said to be Nike's global headquarters base in the virtual world. Corresponding to "Just do it", Nikeland's main promotional slogan is "Dream it. Make it. Play it." It tries to expand the boundaries of the brand in the virtual world.

Seeing such an interesting cross-border attempt by Nike, the Silicon Stars also decided to experience it in person to see what the virtual world they created was like.

If you need to buy clothes and accessories, you need to spend a few hundred gold coins, and you need to spend medals to buy shoes. Both gold and medals can be earned by playing games and unlocking hidden missions throughout the Nike world. Although the whole store is not big, there are quite a lot of places to explore. You can jump up and down, and maybe you can see a Nike shoe box waiting to be opened in a hidden place.

Finally, let's talk about Nike's emphasis on allowing players to create their own mini-games. In the construction game, you can either use a blank plot to create your own creation, or you can use the various field templates provided by Nike. Then, on the basis of the template, use the small gold coins you obtained in the previous game to buy some construction materials to build. Since this process is too difficult and too long to operate on a mobile phone, the Silicon Stars did not fully build their own mini-games this time, and interested friends can experience it for themselves.

Take the first step in the transformation of the Metaverse

Nikeland concept is very novel, the content is very rich. In addition to cleverly combining various sports and mini-games, this virtual world has also created shops, parks, beaches, small playgrounds, information offices, etc. If you are tired of playing, you can choose to sit on the swing. You can also bask in the sun on a lounger by the sea, or go shopping in a store. Everywhere is embedded with the shadow of Nike, so that users will really feel like they are in a Nike world.

In addition, Nikeland is indeed trying to incorporate various features of the metaverse. For example, social networking, such as the interaction between virtual goods and offline physical goods, and open-ended gameplay that allows users to create their own games. This world will also be linked with the real world. For example, after entering winter, there will be occasional snow days, the lake will freeze into ice, and the previous swimming activities will become ice skating.

Overall, Nikeland is still very suitable for children and young Nike enthusiasts to find out. After all, a place where even clouds are Nike can only be seen here. Similiar metaverse gaming platform also can be found at

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