Order ounces of AAAA buds medical grade top shelf bud from 90 per ounce

Anyone interested in weed, You can get ounces of top shelf buds from £90 to £110 per ounce. All the ounces i ever got from them was perfect crisp and cured perfect the stealth is legend. I know these guys are in the Netherlands but they sell ounces from £90 to £110 and the buds are perfect and cured really well and the orders get to me in 3days here in the UK posted into the letterbox by the normal postman, So nothing to worry about as all. The orders i got from them have been successful. There stealth has x-ray proof mylar bags and then 3 other layers of stealth inside a padded envelope that simply just slips into your door you do not even have to be home to get your order. So order with confidence from these vendors. Here is there contact information teamweedforbuds2018.yolasite(dot)com and you can contact them on there encrypted email at teamweedforbuds@protonmail.com also if you are going to order create a new free proton account so you can communicate with encrypted messages. They are also super friendly and helped me out when i first started to order from them the team members showed me everything i needed to know to order from getting bitcoins to ordering everything. So if anyone has no idea of bitcoin or how to get them they can teach you how and its as easy as 123 anyone can do it, So if you are looking for top shelf buds you should contact the team and place an order an order you wont regret it that is for sure.

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