Our Life Is A “Truman Show”

Aug 2nd 2019
Truman, the protagonist of the movie, The Truman Show, thought he lived in a normal town with a stable job, an ordinary family, and people there are also friendly. But the true is, this town is just a fake world created by 5,000 cameras, everyone is acting in a scene including his family and friends. One day he felt something was wrong, and went to the end of the town, found the truth and decided to open the door to leave. With the development of technology, not only cameras are installed everywhere, social platforms on the Internet are also constantly monitored. It seems that each of us has lived a life of Truman. But how do we find the door at the end and exit?

That door might be found in VDS. VDS has made new attempts in the privacy of transactions, chats, etc. By using blockchain technology and distributed anonymous network, as well as the interlocking functional design, VDS has created a decentralized consensus ecological network. It aims to build a platform for fairness, freedom and privacy. We can use VDS to get rid of the ubiquitous “camera” in reality to maximize privacy.

Most people have diversified and frequent transactions in their lives, so the security of transaction info is particularly important for personal privacy. In terms of transactions, VDS has taken blockchain technology as the underlying framework to ensure the decentralization and security of transactions, and integrated anonymous transactions based on zero-knowledge proof, which is the most thorough and complete anonymity technology of the day. It can protect user privacy to the greatest extent without leaving any transaction records.

Then there is the security of social information. VDS builds secret chat on a distributed anonymous network, which is made up of countless super master nodes with hidden IPs respectively. Super master node is responsible for data operation and transmission only; they do not perform any storage. Chat logs exist only in the local records of chatters, which avoids not only the problem of low fault tolerance for individual server operations, but also the hidden danger of information leakage caused by a server attack.

During chat, the sending information will be broken into random number of pieces, each of which is encrypted in different method and transmitted through various super master nodes. Even if a skilled hacker intercepts certain messages and succeeds in cracking the encryption, all he gets is a fragment. To get the full content, he would have to hack through tens of thousands of servers around the world and intercept all the messages sent by the super master nodes, piecing the pieces together and finding the information he needs, which is almost impossible to accomplish. Every chat on VDS is completely private and it is because of the secrecy and decentralization of VDS that we can speak out and share our opinions freely.

VDS frees us from all-round network monitoring at all times through anonymous transaction and secret chat. The development of Internet technology has brought convenience to people, but also left people with nowhere to hide, making privacy exposed to the sun. In order to protect privacy, we carefully cooperate with others in acting to make ourselves a living, just like movie The Truman Show. VDS has organized a decentralized system on the chain and found a new method to protect privacy. After continuous exploration, blockchain has evolved from non-real-name certification at the very beginning, to the real anonymity based on zero-knowledge proof, then the secret chat built by VDS on the distributed anonymous network. We finally found in VDS the door to freedom and privacy. Come and join in VDS ecosystem, open the door and keep your privacy to yourself.