Poloniex and Kraken being investigated for manipulation and insider trading



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Apr 2017
A law firm, Berns Weiss LLP, has started investigating Poloniex and Kraken for manipulation and insider trading.

After Ethereum experienced a flash crash on Kraken, and Poloniex experienced another attack, many users reported stunning losses and were unable to access their account or control their positions, leading them to believe there is market manipulation and insider trading.

Jeffrey Berns, Managing Partner at Berns Weiss LLP, made the following statement:
The virtual currency/blockchain practice of Berns Weiss LLP has been contacted by various people inquiring about potential legal action against Poloniex and Kraken with regard to the recent sell off at those exchanges in conjunction with DDoS attacks.

In the past, Berns Weiss LLP has actively engaged in blockchain cases and research, have called upon the US government for blockchain innovation, and have requested lawmakers to increase venture capital focus on blockchain technology.

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