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We are still evolving , Our group started 2017 November to be one of the first ones who started to leak premium groups manually, now we have grown with more than 70 premium channels automatically posts from groups with no delays and WORKING channels, be careful with other servers, 80% of the channels in this market ar stealing meesages from us or from those who steal from us... We have first hand leaks and this is very important! Our prices are very low for the service we provide, Just visit website and see for Yourself!

All The information You can find now on our website (channel list, prices, information)

Main channel we use is discord ->
As well We have started to use telegram ->

We are working on automated trading bot for more than 6 months , we are upgrading and testing every detail so it is upgraded to the maximum and we are almost at the finish line, on February we are going to release for public use, this bot will detect every move before it happens and will buy/sell asset to make profit. It will be a new generation of trading bot on crypto market what has never been seen before. Get in to the line to be one of the first ones to get it. more information on website, contact admins on discord or telegram!
- smartoptions all Top providers
- small fee for this content — includes 70+ paid channels/ groups
- AI and TG copy trader bots — they posted results from AI tests and till now its one of the best Indicator Trading Bot.
- adding new channels almost every month , sometimes twice in month , so they reinvest their earning to improve server.
- first hand sources — so there is no delay between original sources.
- have our own analysts with very good results and his signals till now are for free.
- We are on Discord and Telegram, so both platforms are working well with the same content.
- expensive learning materials of crypto trading and techinal analysis
- compare Your thoughts / TA with professional Top trader views.
- Dont forget to check feedbacks channel , amazing reviews about us from trusted members .
Ask admins there to Join telegram if You prefer that platform better.