Problems accessing Ripple on Gatehub


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Apr 2017
Gatehub has been having server problems along with widespread issues of users not being able to access their Ripple wallets. Gatehub does not store Ripple the same way that Poloniex does.

Poloniex holds your XRP on your behalf and issues XRP for you to trade. When you trade on Poloniex, they are not changing the amount of XRP you have, they are only changing the amount of XRP they owe you. None of your XRP trading on Poloniex is submitted to the Ripple Consensus Ledger.

Gatehub trades XRP on the public Ripple Consensus Ledger. Gatehub issues you a Ripple wallet, where you can make payments or trade. Any sending or trading made on Gatehub is publicly recorded on the Ripple Consensus Ledger.

Understanding this difference is important because Gatehub does not rely on its own servers to connect to the Ripple Consensus Ledger, instead connecting directly to Ripple's public servers. And Ripple's public servers are currently under very high load, which is preventing transactions from being cleared. The issue has less to do with the Ripple network and more to do with their public servers being overloaded.

Not only is Gatehub suffering, but so are the individual wallets (Rippex) because you will get the same error since they too rely on the same public servers. Any of the exchanges (Poloniex, Bitstamp, Kraken) will continue to operate fine because the exchanges are not trading actual XRP, therefore they are not connecting to Ripple's servers.

In a statement by Gatehub:
We apologize for the problems in the past couple of days. While we have been able to fix most of the connectivity issues there is one still remaining: "Ledger Exceeded"...

"Ledger Exceeded" warning is a result of high traffic on the public rippled servers. We expect this issue to be completely resolved later today once we deploy our own rippled cluster.

We've had some issues with the Data API (which Wallet uses for transaction history and charts) but Ripple team was fast to help us so Data API should work now.

Please know that all of us at GateHub are working round the clock to make things better. It is in our best interest to keep everyone happy. 500 daily signups was a surprise. 3000+ is what we are hitting nowadays...

Additionally we are clearing support tickets as fast as possible. I think it's fair to say that this growth took all of us by surprise. We kindly ask everyone for a little patience. Once the issues are resolved, GateHub will be better than ever. Thank you!
And in a statement from Ripple:
I was heavily focused on figuring this thing out. Let me give you all a brief update.

As you all know, the price movement shined a very bright spotlight on the Ripple network. People came around to look, kick the tires, take the network for a spin. All that is wonderful - and expected.

As a result of increased interest a number of people spun up fresh servers, all of which were attempting to retrieve a lot of data from the existing, established servers. While the servers know how to protect themselves from overextending (they do resource/load monitoring and adapt), some of this logic actually worked against us. Additionally, the increased interest resulted in a significantly larger amount of client connections (from wallets, ripple-lib instances, etc) and a corresponding amount of additional work (imagine a few thousand new websocket connections, all of which are asking for every update on the same four of five order books, or other expensive operations).

Although the servers weren't anywhere near their max, it seemed reasonable to spin up some additional capacity - which we did, within hours. Once that was done, we dug deeper to understand what was happening.

Our investigation revealed that some of the default values we were using to detect connection quality were a bit too aggressive and could result in some connection instability. Servers would incorrectly detect they had poor connectivity, drop their "poor" links and try to find better ones, causing connection churt and connection flapping. This would happen sporadically, resulting in brief periods of unstable connectivity before things would settle down again and everything would recovere.

The good news is that not only have we identified the issue, but we have a fix: PR 2111 which will go out tomorrow will be rippled 0.60.3. We are in the process of updating some of our servers with this build. I believe that this will help settle the network down and improve things across the board.

The additional capacity we have spun up will likely remain active (or at least on hot-standby) although I believe that once 0.60.3 rolls out across the network, it will no longer be necessary.

I know that the intermittent connectivity issues and the appearance of instability that resulted from that were disappointing to the community. Believe me, we felt disappointed too. We are committed to learning from this and improving our processes to make sure this doesn't happen again.

But look at it this way too: despite the connection instability, the RCL kept closing ledgers like clockwork every 3.5 seconds in the face of significantly increased volume - the most important code held up brilliantly and didn't even bat an eyelash; it was rock solid. The automated fee escalation engine responded well to the ebb and flow of volume, adjusting fees to match supply and demand. Our internal, automated monitoring systems functioned well and offered us good visibility. And, most importantly, our people worked well together. Kudos to all my coworkers for stepping up.


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Apr 2017
Were these issues only with trade execution? I've been moving XRP to GateHub from Polo daily and never had any issues. Reading this makes me want to get my XRP the heck out of Polo even faster now.
There weren't any problems with trade execution on the exchanges (Poloniex), however there were widespread problems accessing hosted wallets (Gatehub) and desktop wallets (Rippex) because they both access the RCL (Ripple Consensus Ledger). Those problems don't deter me because I would much rather have my wallet connected to the RCL.

For the long term hold, I agree to move your XRP from Poloniex to Gatehub. At any time you're ready to divest a portion of your position, I would recommend moving it back to Poloniex, because Gatehub simply doesn't have anywhere close to enough volume to change your position to another crypto.

I haven't had any problem moving XRP from Poloniex to Gatehub. Just did another transfer today, it took less than 2 minutes to complete the transfer.

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