Profitable ND Token Airdrop (~240$) from DNFT Labs

Oct 2021
Kiev, Ukraine
The next generation NFT platform, DNFT Labs, is hosting a lucrative airdrop of ND tokens.
For participation, you can get: 15ND (~240$), and for 1 referral: 10ND (~160$).

Passing the airdrop in the Telegram bot -

The distribution must be received by all qualified participants.
The airdrop budget is huge - 560.000 ND (~8.960.000$).
The cost of 1 ND will be ~16$.

Social tasks in the Telegram bot are very simple:
* Subscribe to the Telegram channel and join the DNFT Labs group.
* Follow the platform's Twitter account and retweet.

!!!! Important point: You must have at least 4 referrals, since the minimum limit for your own airdrop balance must be from 50 ND tokens.

The airdrop ends on December 1st.
The distribution of tokens is planned from December 24th.

The cost of ND tokens at the current stage of the pre-sale is 85 times understated and amounts to : 1 ETH = 25.000 ND.
The minimum purchase limit is - 0,1 ETH, the maximum limit is - 70 ETH.

The address of the ND token contract on the ETH network (ERC20) is - 0x3e14C612398A1354DaE722002F01a79e303748e8.