Pros And Cons of Cryptocurrencies

Pros Of Cryptocurrencies

The most significant advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they’re backed by the most dynamic technology in the world - the blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain technology is completely decentralized and it means that no central entity can claim control or ownership, and also you can relieve from interest rates & transactional fees.
  • It boosts the business dealings, making it faster & affordable; also a dynamic solution for the development teams that have to face settlement periods in the long run.
  • Blockchain provides a transparent ecosystem and cryptocurrencies are a part of this system. They allow the users to record, view, and track their coins via all their accounts.
  • Besides paving the way for transparency, blockchain also makes the system auditable & verifiable. These advantages make the environment stronger for the cryptos over the fiat currencies.
  • No hackers can attack the cryptosystems since they are not backed by a centralized network. Along with that, not even the Government can access the info on cryptocurrencies.

Cons Of Cryptocurrencies

The major disadvantage of cryptocurrencies is that they are still virtual currencies and lack the value compared to fiat currencies.

  • Cryptocurrencies stand at the last in the line of the contemporary market. Gold & Silver always had a high market value since the day they were accepted as a mode of exchange.
  • There are no constant values for cryptocurrencies and they vary depending on the market value. Users have to accept the currencies as tokens in the structure of demand & supply.
  • Another backlog is that cryptocurrencies are literally slow to process. People mining the bitcoin make around 3 to 7 transactions each second and it’s a tedious process.
  • Even the crypto market is a victim of scam & counterfeiters. Since there are no regulations, crypto dealers can exploit user data, buy cheap tokens, and sell them at higher costs.
  • Cryptocurrencies also lack consistency. Distributed applications run on networked computers and the actions are formulated through shared memory or by exchanging messages.

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