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Jan 2018
Hi All - I have a question or a lack of understanding about something.
I have just started to mine - It tells me I am making $10 per day.
How does that equate to actual money, is that figure speculative? is it linked to the current exchange rate or value of a particular coin?
e.g. If BitCoins value is currently $10,000 and Etherium is $1,000 Then....
If I am mining BitCoin at $10 a day does it equate to $100 a day if I switched to Etherium
Please discount accurate values in today's market, just used these numbers to make the math simple.
If my statement is true then if and when the value of a coin falls then there will be a time that the mining rig set up in todays climate may not be viable, is that correct.
Thanks for your time.
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Apr 2017
Each cryptocurrency you mine will produce different results, based upon the mining machine you're using and what the current hash rate is for a particular crypto.

Going off memory, I believe Bitcoin is more CPU-intensive, while Ethereum is more GPU-intensive.

Many people use GPU's to dual mine... for example, one common dual mining setup is for Ethereum (ETH) and Sia Coin (SC). Then you're mining 2 coins at the same time.

And you always have to factor in the current price of a particular coin(s) you're mining to make sure it's worth it for you, especially after you factor in the costs of your mining computer and the cost of electricity.

What kind of mining rig do you have?

Tell us more, looking forward to helping and learning together.

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