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Apr 2017
QuickSwap - $QUICK
Technical Analysis

I've been hearing about QuickSwap for the last few days and decided to not jump into it... it was around $1100 when I heard about it, and then it pumped up to $1800 before retracing back down to the $1500 zone. And before I went to bed, I did a quick technical analysis and could see the breakout was coming, with a few hours for a decision to be made.

Doing more research into QuickSwap, I really like the tokenomics, with only 1M for the total supply. That's amazing! The problem for me is I don't want to ape into another DEX after getting burned on $ZERO. And I think it's great that QuickSwap is positioning itself as the DEX built for the MATIC network, but why do I have to go to UniSwap to buy a token for another network.

And so I decided to not buy in around $1500, and I checked again today to see what happened to the price action, and looks like I made the right decision. I still like this project, and will keep an eye on it. It now has a market cap of $189M...


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