Rippex Login failed: Wallet file or password is wrong



I have created an Rippex account and transferred 205 XRPs from Koinex exchange to Rippex account. The transfer is successful, the XRPs are deducted from Koinex exchange.

But when i login to Rippex its not logging in it says "Login failed: Wallet file or password is wrong."

The password and wallet i am entering is perfectly fine...

PS: i have lost my security key...

Is there any way i can recover the account? Thanks a lot in advance.


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Apr 2017
Are you 100% sure it's accessing the correct wallet file?

You only have 2 options to access your wallet:
  1. Make sure you're opening the correct wallet file, and use the correct password to access the wallet file.
  2. If you do not have access to the wallet file and/or password, then you need to create a new wallet using your security key.
Are you absolutely sure you lost your security key? Would you have saved it somewhere, emailed it to yourself, or taken a screenshot as a backup?

If you don't have your security key, then make sure you are accessing the correct wallet file and double check your password.

Unfortunately, we are the gatekeepers for accessing our funds on these wallets. The alternative is we trust other companies to host our wallets, but of course, that comes with other risks.

I truly hope you are able to find your secret key or be able to access your XRP wallet. And if you do regain access, I recommend ensuring you safeguard and protect your login credentials and security keys.

Let us know.
I'm 100% sure of my password and also wallet file... Sadly I have missed the secret key.. If I open cold wallet I can see my coins there... I'm not sure what to do now...


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Apr 2017
Yes, you can see your XRP there because they are safe and secure. The blockchain is showing you the coins exist.

The problem is you need your login to access those coins. And unfortunately, without the secret key to restore your wallet, the only thing you can do is use your existing wallet/password to access.

I know you won't like to hear this, but if you cannot login using your wallet or password, then one of those pieces is not correct. If you're absolutely sure Rippex is opening the correct wallet file, then your password is the problem. If you're absolutely sure your password is correct, then you're opening the wrong wallet file on your computer.

I wish I had better news for you. I feel sad for your loss. :(

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