Rootkit(UpMatic) Market Generating Event

Oct 2021
The dev team from ROOTKIT on Eth, led by Professor Ponzo, found a way to utilize the locked liquidity from underneath a price floor to benefit holders. Liquidity is injected to buy back again and again, and recycle value. They have launched Upbnb and Uptether. The plan is to launch thousands of these tokens all paired with their namesake counterpart.

This token is designed for buy and hold, so there is a tax on sales and basically no tax on buyers. It can be bought on PancakeSwap V2, with 0.5%-1% slippage to buy. Sell slippage resets to 15% when a buyback occurs to prevent dumping, then gradually falls to around 7% over the course of 5 days.

These tokenomics mean that the token is designed to ALWAYS GO UP with a very stable price. You can look at the chart and see that there has not been the typical huge pump and crash seen in many BSC tokens.

How the system works -

They are currently launching another token, UpMatic with a Market Generation Event

UpMatic MGE website with countdown and total contributions

details on exactly what and how an mge works here - .

This month is going to be crazy as they’re planning and using the vault( which has millions in it)and buybacks to pump all of their tokens at once. There is so much more here to talk about but I’d be typing for a long time. I recommend reading the multiple articles on the medium as it can explain everything better than I ever could and joining the telegram and following the twitter

Twitter - finance
Medium -

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